Step by step manual:

  1. Connect the RFID reader via USB

  2. Open „DEDOWNLOADER.exe“


3. The length of the read-out can be set in the lower section, “Reading Block (MIFare)”. Make your changes in the “ID Len” box.

 4 equals 8 digits

 7 equals 14 digits

4. In order to change to 14 digits, insert 7 in the “ID Len” box and select “Set”.

5. In the following window tick “Dragon” and select “OK” to confirm.

6. A few seconds later you should hear the confirmation sound of the RFID reader and see the following:

7. The length of the read-out has been successfully changed to 14 digits.

Beware: If a card has 8 digits, 6 leading zeros are added, p.e. 00000012345678